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Jun Russell Brunson – 24hr Expert & Story Selling 3.5 out of 5 based on 24 ratings.

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Russell speaks to you about personal growth and development, and how you can move forwards as a leader/expert by sharing your passions and gifts with other people. He goes into great depth with this topic, showing you the 3 markets (Wealth, Health, and Relationships) helping you to choose the core market that you fit into, and really digging.

Then she found Russell Brunson and immersed herself in the Expert Secrets training. She launched her new webinar and sold more on that first webinar than she did previously in the entire year. Most importantly though, is the fulfillment she gets because she.

Russell Brunson High School Wrestling Russell’s most loved sport is wrestling and was an anthlete for his school. He earned an All American honors after winning the Utah 5A state championship in his junior year and taking 2 nd place in the nation at high school nationals in his senior year. amy porterfield Or Russell Brunson Vinyard to Amy Jo

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