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I’ve watched Million Dollar Traders’ by Lex van Dam back in 2009 on BBC and finally I’m educating myself by his methodology. It’s a.

We had reported back in September that van Dam was developing a comprehensive set of apps for the Tradable platform. Other than running his eponymous Lex van Dam trading academy, van Dam is also the creator of the BBC 2 TV series, Million Dollar Traders.

In 2008 BBC2 presented Million Dollar Traders, which has been described as a high-finance version of The Apprentice. Filmed as the credit crises escalated, hedge fund manager Lex Van Dam gave eight novices £500,000 of his own money to trade on the stock exchange.

Lex van Dam is a widely respected hedge fund manager, and is also one of the biggest names in trading education. Having worked in the upper echelons of financial heavyweights Goldman Sachs and GLG for much of his career, he found wider fame as the presenter of the BBC TV programme Million Dollar Traders in 2009.

Lex van Dam. Lex van Dam is one of the UK’s most respected hedge fund managers, the author of How to Make Money Trading, a key opinion leader frequently quoted on CNN, Reuters, FT, and Bloomberg, and creator of the BBC TV Series Million Dollar Traders.

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