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Sean McCabe Supercharge Your Writing You can’t improve what you haven’t written. Dang. As someone who is passionate about design yet struggles with crippling perfectionism, this is gold. Eliminate distractions by writing them down and refusing to engage with them. I’m also distractible.

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In the Supercharge Your Writing course, Sean McCabe suggests only bolding a phrase if it is something that you would tweet out to your followers. I love that advice. I love that advice. So use bold sparingly, only for your best, most tweetable lessons.

He is the founder of the brand called seanwes, where he teaches two courses. One is on how to grow your business with writing, Supercharge Your Writing, and the other is focused on how to stop trading time for money and start pricing your work on value, Value-Based Pricing. He is Sean McCabe, and he is a digital entrepreneur.

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100 Stunning Picture Quotes That Will Supercharge Your Creativity – Design School.

"You have beautiful ideas We all struggle with turning them into reality Don’t die with them still in your head. (by sean mccabe)" "Beautiful, inspiring hand-lettered tips for creatives – 12".

Early Wake Daily Write by Sean McCabe What others are saying.

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